1. What are the differences between the Daily Standards Plus program and the Reteach program?

    1. The Daily Standards Plus program offers 33-34 weeks of materials written to grade level standards with a series of lessons and a mini-assessment offered weekly.
    2. The Reteach program offers scaffolded materials with pre- and post-assessments around sets of instruction of varying sizes.  The Reteach materials are designed to support students who are unsuccessful with the Daily program.
  2. What is the most effective method of implementation?

    1. The Daily Standards Plus program when implemented as intended is the most effective:
      1. Lessons are taught directly using the teacher lesson plan as a guide for the direct instruction.
      2. Assessments are administered and reviewed weekly.
      3. Students who are unsuccessful on the weekly assessment are offered a reteach opportunity to ensure their success.
    2. The Standards Plus Reteach program may be used to support students who are unsuccessful with the daily program or with Special Education students with specific learning disorders.
  3. Can Standards Plus materials be used as a handout/warm up?

    1. The efficacy of the Standards Plus materials require direct instruction.  They should NEVER be used as independent practice without direct instruction.
  4. How can Standards Plus materials fit into my instructional scheduling?

    1. If you are currently using a sponge activity or daily warm up, the Standards Plus lesson can replace it.  The lessons are also ideal as transition activities to refocus students at the beginning of an instructional period.  The lessons are designed to be taught and reviewed in 10-12 minutes.  They may also be used as the initial instruction of the Universal Access period during the instructional day.
  5. What is the average growth Standards Plus clients make?

    1. Because implementations vary, growth varies as well.  However, there have been 100+ schools that have made more than 30 points growth on their API in each of the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years.
  6. Does Standards Plus have materials for use with Special Education?

    1. Yes.  Standards Plus customers may now add Reteach materials as an additional purchase.  These materials scaffold the concepts, skills, and strategies from two grade levels below up to grade level standards.  This allows the Special Education student to have access to grade level materials with appropriate support in getting there.
  7. Do Standards Plus materials cover Science?

    1. No.
  8. How do Standards Plus materials support my core curriculum?

    1. Standards Plus materials are organized in a sequence that approximates the order in which standards are addressed in core publisher materials.  Additionally, we create custom calendars that align Standards Plus to your School/District pacing at no charge.
  9. Are Standards Plus materials appropriate for use with my EL students?

    1. Absolutely!  The Standards Plus materials embed academic vocabulary, learning strategies, test taking strategies, and direct instruction methodology to ensure that students receive a rich, focused learning experience daily.  The daily lessons and weekly assessments follow the same structure enabling students to be focused on the learning at hand.  SDAIE strategies are often referenced directly on the lessons themselves.
  10. Are Standards Plus materials state approved?

    1. Yes. The Standards Plus materials have been approved for Social and Legal Compliance as a supplementary program.
  11. Will the Standards Plus materials help my students prepare for State testing?

    1. Yes.  These materials were written to grade level state standards and are embedded with Test Taking Strategies, so they are an excellent additional exposure of the standards tested by the state.
  12. How can I monitor my students’ growth and progress while using the Standards Plus materials?

    1. There is an assessment component that allows teachers to collect and analyze formative data on a weekly basis.  There are data collection forms available to assist with the data analysis.  We also have training available to support the use of these data in your PLCs.
  13. Does Standards Plus offer data collection tools?

    1. We provide two user-friendly collection tools to collect student assessment data.
  14. Can I photocopy the lessons?

    1. No.  Our copyright prohibits copying of any of our lessons and assessments.
  15. Do Standards Plus lessons cover phonemic awareness?

    1. We do provide phonemic awareness support in the Spelling sections of both our Kindergarten and First Grade Language Arts materials.  Because phonemic awareness is exclusively related to sounds, we do not provide a full phonemic awareness program.  Our lessons do support the learner with initial and final consonants, vowel sounds, and blending.
  16. Are pacing guides included with my purchase of Standards Plus materials?

    1. We provide a generic suggested pacing, but we also provide custom calendars that align Standards Plus to your School/District pacing at no additional charge.
  17. Does Standards Plus offer training?  If so, what type of training, and how much does it cost?

    1. All Standards Plus purchases include training at no additional cost. Onsite training is available for schools that purchase more than $4,500 of materials. Regional training sessions are also available for schools that purchase less than $4,500 of materials.
  18. What is the difference between a Classroom Package and a Student Lesson Set?

    1. The Classroom Package includes the teacher materials and student consumable materials.  It is what you order when you first implement Standards Plus.  The Student Lesson Set includes consumable materials for students.  It is what you order each year after the first year of implementation.
  19. What is the difference between a Classroom Package and a CD-Only Classroom Package?

    1. For classrooms that use overhead projectors, we have a transparency binder with overhead transparencies for each Standards Plus lesson and assessment.  This is included in the Classroom Package.  For classrooms that use an interactive white board, document camera, or LCD projector, a paper binder is provided with a CD-ROM of projectable student lessons and assessments.
  20. Can someone come to my site and present Standards Plus materials before I order?

    1. Yes.  Please call 877-505-9152 for an appointment, or schedule an appointment here.
  21. What are your shipping procedures?

    1. Our standard procedure is to ship Standards Plus materials via Fed Ex Ground.
  22. How long does it typically take before I receive my materials?

    1. After you submit an order it takes 10-15 business days to have your materials ready to ship. Depending on your location in California, your materials should arrive between 1-3 days after the day they are shipped. Rush orders are available at an additional cost.
  23. What is the tax rate?

    1. Your local California sales tax rate applies to all Standards Plus Purchases.