Elementary Testimonials

Read what others have to say about Standards Plus Elementary product line and training!

I have been working very closely with the Standards Plus program for several years now, first in my role as Assistant Superintendent of San Jose Unified School District and now in my role as the Assistant Superintendent of C & I in Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto, CA. Various colleagues and I conferred when I first arrived in RCSD last year and felt that RCSD needed some focused strategies and some “quick wins” in student achievement for the district. RCSD administrators and teachers needed to begin to believe in their accountability and reform work. Dennis Parker, Charlotte Knox and Michelle Karns advised me to confer with Angela Turner and work to implement the Standards Plus system in the district. After an introductory in-service with the administrators and literacy coordinator of the district, I was able to convince them that the reading and math intervention classes were perfect for piloting this system. We began serious implementation after the Winter Holiday break in January 2010.

This focused effort paid off very well in terms of student performance. Both the curriculum and Standards Plus helped move about 80% of the students in FBB at least one level and beyond. You can see this in our API data. We did not reach AYP in any of the schools but we cracked into the 700 club and hoping to get our first 800 school next year. We actually moved about 20 students out of the intervention curriculum because they moved into the proficiency band. More and more school administrators and teachers watched the progress of the students in intervention classes with great interest. Teachers were learning the grade level standards as they began teaching them through this series of mini-lessons. Teachers were also using the program and trying to refine their standards based approaches. More and more schools in the districts signed on after our test results came in August.

Rosa G. Molina, Assistant Superintendent of C & I

Ravenswood City School District

We made all of our goals. I am attributing it to Standards Plus. It is the one thing we did differently with curriculum.

Ann Buxton, Principal

Rosamond Elementary
Southern Kern Unified

Standards Plus is working really well for us. Our Scores are going up by leaps and bounds. Last year (2007-2008) our API went up 36 points. This year (2008-2009) we made gains in every single sub group. [34 API point gain for 2008-2009]

Jeff Varner, Principal

Parkside Elementary
Pittsburg USD

The teachers at our school love Standards Plus, and really pushed to continue using the program in spite of budget cuts.

Amanda Brannon

Richmond Elementary
Sierra Sands USD

Fantastic! Where has this program been during my 18 years of teaching?

Cindy Donovan

Dickson Elementary
Chino Valley USD

Standards Plus is our key focus to implement effective strategies to improve student learning. We have beenimplementing for about three years.

Umar Baba, Principal

Rosecrans Elementary
Compton Unified

It is my pleasure to recommend the Standards Plus English Language Arts and Mathematics programs to otherprincipals considering the implementation of a standards-based intervention which focuses, intensely, on the CA academic content standards.

Following the first year of implementation, my school realized a 37 point gain in our API score, breaking the 800 benchmark for the first time. This increase in student achievement can be directly attributed to the teachers’ comfort with the components of the Standards Plus program, as well as the comprehensible focus of the program and compatibility with our core curriculum resources.

I highly encourage all administrators to examine the program and consider the adoption of this standards-based prevention and intervention for their school. It has really made a significant difference in the academic achievementof my students, at all grade levels. I would be happy to personally recommend this program to anyone whomight require additional information.

William Mannion, Ed.D., Principal

Cameron Elementary
West Covina USD

Standards Plus is a great program, and we use both Language Arts and Math as a supplemental program. We are a program improvement school, but we continue to see our scores climb. Last year our first year with Standards Plus we gained 19 API points, and this year we gained 11!

Leanne Hargus, Principal

Westpark Elementary School
Southern Kern USD

Standards Plus really helped our school meet its goals. We purchased it last year for third grade. Only 37% of our third graders were proficient or advanced. After implementing Standards Plus we had 68% of our third graders scored proficient or advanced. We also used it last year in tutoring. Our school scores increased nicely. This year we are using Standards Plus in all classes K-5 for Language Arts and Math.

Mary Branca, Principal

Ocean View Elementary

For several years, Proctor had reached a plateau varying between 865-875. Once we implemented Standards Plus materials, we jumped to 903. We are most excited about the progress that our Far Below Basic to Basic students are making.

Arline Lillak, Principal

Proctor Elementary School

Standards Plus is an incredible program. It effectively provides students with standards based materials that they can be successful with. The program is easy to use, and teachers love it. It targets standards head on. Cleminson School’s API scores are the highest in El Monte School District. I attribute this in part to Standards Plus. The program leaves nothing to chance and is a great supplement to our district curriculum. We love it!

Eric Hansen, Principal

Cleminson Elementary School

We have purchased Standards Plus for all grade levels and use it all year for test taking practice and to monitor whether our students have mastered grade level standards. It has made a significant impact on the increase we have made.

Bonnie Wilson, Principal

Baldwin Academy California Distinguished School, Title I (3Years) Nominee for National Blue Ribbon

We implemented the program last year as an after school program. The teachers saw such growth they started using it in their classrooms as well. This school year all teachers in grades 2-5 are using the program in their regular classrooms.

Liz Burr, Principal

Sullivan Creek School

I am constantly amazed how just the quick 10-15 minute lessons carry over throughout the day and across so many subject areas.

Lorie Morris, Teacher

Fontana USD

All classes grades 2-5 use Standards Plus lessons daily, and give weekly assessments, September through May. Grade level teams collaborate to align Standards Plus lessons to grade level instructional pacing calendars for language arts and math, selecting monthly focus areas based on students’ area of need. Weekly Standards Plus assessment data is used to help determine the level of student mastery and to plan reteaching and intervention.

Kathryne Meade, Principal

Grandview Elementary

As a relatively high performing elementary school (API 879), Discovery had been looking for those types of instructional strategies or materials that would move us to the next level in student achievement. We had decided that there were areas of our curriculum that did not match the essential standards closely enough to facilitate student learning at both the level of rigor and repetition that the standards demanded.

The implementation of Standards Plus at the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year has eased many burdens for us:

  1. It allows the teachers to feel confident that each standard is being addressed at the level of rigor that is demanded
  2. It allows teachers to spend time in instruction rather than searching for or developing extra materials to meet essential standards that are not covered by the current texts
  3. It provides immediate feedback to both students and teachers about student understanding of identified objectives

Staff members also feel that the Test Taking Strategies component of Standards Plus has had a huge impact on student achievement. These strategies, taught over the course of the school year, have given students skills that will affect their immediate and long-term educational future.

Mary Westendorf, Principal

Discovery Elementary School

Standards Plus focuses my instruction and enhances student learning.

Bev Matheson, Teacher

Dorothy Grant Elementary

I have used Standards Plus in my classroom for years. The lessons are teacher friendly, and to the point. I wouldn’t want to teach without it.

Jeanne Morris, Teacher