Middle School

We wrote our middle school lessons with grade level vocabulary and content. Then, we added reviews of essential prerequisite skills and concepts to develop skills, concepts, and academic language that support mastery of grade level standards.

What are Standards Plus instructional materials?

Standards Plus instructional materials consist of a series of direct instruction, 10-12 minute, mini lessons, assessments, and lessons plans.

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The materials are designed to supplement a school’s regular curricula and its instructional program. The foundation of Standards Plus instructional materials are a quality assurance system built on the Plan-Teach-Assess-Reteach cycle that effectively delivers high level standards-driven skills to students.
Achievement Cycle

What do the materials look like?

Standards Plus lessons follow the direct instruction format. Each lesson consists of the following components: introduction, direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, review, and closure.

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How are the materials used?

Standards Plus materials are designed to be taught daily for 10-12 minutes. The materials are most effective when the lessons are scheduled to follow initial instruction in the core curriculum.

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7th Grade Example

Teach Grade Level Lessons Daily

  • Teach our grade level lessons for 10-12 minutes each day
  • Follow up with a four-item assessment at the end of each week
  • Use the assessment data to select students who need additional support.

Teach Scaffolded Intervention System Lessons with Pre and Post assessments

  • Teach our unique scaffolded Standards Plus Reteach lessons to bring students up to grade level

Maintain and Review Grade Level Skills

  • Teach a Maintenance lesson about four weeks after initial Standards Plus instruction
  • Use the Review lessons to expose students to the standards one more time prior to state testing.

How do the materials support core curricula?

Standards Plus instructional materials have been aligned to support all of the major core publishers.

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The Standards Plus lessons are scheduled to be taught a week or more after initial instruction of concepts in the core curriculum. This provides an additional, unique exposure to the standard and concept. Custom Standards Plus pacing calendars are provided with purchase to support each district’s core program.

Language Arts Instructional Materials

Language Arts Materials

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