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Test Taking Strategies Cards

This point-by-point list of strategies builds strategic thinking habits for analyzing challenges contained in testing format. Test Taking Strategies are explicitly taught and applied in Standards Plus lessons. These cards are included in many of our Standards Plus packages. Additional cards are also available for purchase.
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Cue Cards

Easy reference to English grammar and usage rules that supports content found in Standards Plus lessons. Our Cue Cards are an excellent resource for English Language learners and ELD students.
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Each Cue Card set includes a Cue Card for:

  1. Apostrophes
  2. Capitalization
  3. Colons & Semi Colons
  4. Commas
  5. Contractions
  6. Kinds of Words
  7. Making it Make Sense
  8. Punctuation
  9. Quotation Marks & Quotations
  10. Spelling

Available for purchase as:

  • A 11” x 16” spiral bound set
  • A set of 20” X 28” posters

Support Product Pricing

Test Taking Strategies

Set of 20 Cards $20
Set of 35 Cards $35
24”x36” Poster $10

Cue Cards

5 11”x16”Spiral Bound Sets $30
1 Set of 20”x28” Posters $50