DAIT Provider

QES is an approved provider of DAIT services. QES has extensive experience working with states, districts, and schools on reform models directed at improving teaching and increasing student achievement. When examining district policies and practices, QES uses strategic opportunities to shape and leverage fiscal, human, and technical resources to align with identified needs. Building district capacity to design, implement, and manage changes is the essence of the work QES has undertaken for the past several years.

Phase 1
Learning Plus works side-by-side with the district to:

  • Assess the district’s current status using state required self assessment surveys.
  • Conduct interviews and observations to determine strengths and areas of need on all seven areas of DAIT standards.
  • Agree on evidence that validates the needs assessment. Determine initial starting points and areas of focus.

The outcome is a focused set of recommendations and actions that provide the foundation for a multi-year plan. This plan identifies and prioritizes actions that will trigger dramatic changes and improvements in teaching and learning.

Phase 2
Learning Plus works side-by-side with the district to implement the plan:

  • Provide intensive support and expertise to develop a plan and build capacity.
  • Provide professional development based on research to implement the most effective, high impact practices.
  • Coach and mentor key district leaders on specific implementation strategies (including Superintendent, Central Office and Principals) to maintain focus and coherence.
  • Work with the district to monitor and adjust implementation steps for maximum benefit.