Leadership Coaching

Research shows that only highly trained teachers and administrators can master the complexity of the many programs required both in the schools and at the district level. An aligned, consistent and valuable leadership program is critical, especially a leadership framework that sustains beyond staffing transitions. Therefore, building capacity of staff through high quality training must be a primary goal.

QES helps schools and districts create plans to specifically address the professional development needs and requirements of districts, federal NCLB legislation, and current grant programs.

Planned Elements of Leadership Coaching:

  • Getting Started with Leadership Coaching–Receive training to provide meaningful and timely feedback to teachers incorporating the adopted Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Classroom Instruction–Maximize first and best teaching using components of explicit direct instruction in the classroom
  • Keys to Effective Classroom Walk-Throughs–Refine classroom observation skills and identify promoters and distracters for student learning
  • Developing a Coaching and Conferencing Process–Apply learning theory and conference types to real life situations in order to sustain and improve mastery of skills